At All Caring Hospice, we understand that patients with life-limiting conditions or terminal illnesses have unique experiences. A patient diagnosed with cancer will have a very different experience from a patient diagnosed with ALS of other life-limiting conditions. The All Caring Hospice team tailors their clinical care to meet the needs of each patient. We strive to orient our support services to meet the emotional needs and unique symptoms of each individual case of illness or condition.

Hospice Care for Terminal Conditions Cincinnati OH

Hospice Services Offered for Patients Diagnosed with a Terminal Illness

Hospice is not about giving up or surrendering to the disease. The goals of Hospice do not focus on cure, but on comfort and your needs. Hospice is about adding quality over quantity to your days, weeks and month left living.

Hospice and palliative care professionals are especially educated to help patients with terminal illnesses or conditions. The members of the hospice care team are here to let you know that you are not alone in your journey. Each team member is experienced and trained in guiding patients and their loved ones through one of the most challenging parts of having a terminal illness. Each patient’s status will be regularly evaluated and their plan of care will continuously be changed to meet the needs of symptoms.

  • Pain and symptom management – All Caring’s hospice team members specialized in symptom and pain management that will ensure that each patient is comfortable and free of pain. This allows each patient to enjoy their life and be able to make day to day decisions.
  • Care brought to your home – No matter whether home is your primary residence, the home of a loved one or a dedicated care facility, All Caring brings hospice care to you. Inpatient hospice care facilities are available, if needed, should symptoms become too difficult to manage at home. However, once symptom control is reestablished patients may return home to resume care.
  • Coordinated care at every level – with the consent of the patient’s primary physician, and the Hospice Medical Director, a detail plan of care is developed. The hospice team makes sure that information pertaining to the patient continuously flows between all parties involved. This includes physicians, nurses, home health aide, social workers and family members. Hospice also provides supplies, medical equipment and medicines related to the hospice diagnosis, that ensure the patient’s needs are met and that they are comfortable.
  • Spiritual and emotional support – All Caring Hospice has the necessary resources to make sure each patient’s spiritual and emotional needs are met.

Hospice Services Offered for Family Members of a Patient with a Terminal Illness

Although the disease happens to the patient, the family as a whole is also affected by a loved one with a terminal illness. Family members may have the responsibility of making difficult healthcare and financial decisions. Loved ones might also have to act as caregivers and provide support in physical and emotional ways.The Hospice Team assists in many ways.

  • Support with difficult decisions – Hospice care helps families make difficult decisions and choices that may impact their loved ones health and quality of life.
  • Caregiver education and training – A family caregiver is a vital part of the hospice care team. As the patient’s symptoms progress, and they get weaker, communication may become difficult. We can help relieve loved ones concerns by educating them on how to best care for a loved one.
  • Spiritual and emotional support – Hospice care helps meet the spiritual and emotional needs of not only the patient, but also their loved ones.
  • Financial Assistance – Hospice care services are covered by Medicare and Medicaid and most private insurers. However, family members may still have financial concerns pertaining to their loved one and their care. Social workers assist families with financial planning and finding financial assistance during hospice care.
  • Respite Care – Caring for a loved one who has a terminal illness can be overwhelming and exhausting. Hospice care offers short term “respite” or relief care, up to five days, to allow the primary caregiver to rest, recharge or simply get a much-needed break.
  • Bereavement Services – After death, Bereavement and Grief Counselors provide education and support to individuals and families experiencing grief following the loss of a loved one.

Overall Benefits of Hospice Care for Terminal Conditions

Many people with a terminal condition, or who have a loved one with a life-limiting illness, have heard of hospice care. However, most are not aware of the substantial benefits and level of support services offered through hospice for those who wish to seek a better quality of life.

  • Comfort – Comfort is a key component of hospice care. Comfort allows a patient to add quality to their life during the remaining time they have. Hospice gives patients the needed care, support and resources to achieve a sense of comfort and familiarity while also helping them through this difficult chapter of life.
  • Personal Attention – Hospice care is personalized to each patient. Each member of the hospice team works closely with the patient and their family to ensure needs are properly addressed.
  • Reduced Hospital Re-admissions and ER Visits – During the last months of life, individuals who are seriously ill can be frequently hospitalized or make repeated trips to the emergency room. Hospice care has been shown to reduce the number of emergency room visits and hospitalizations during the patient’s last months of life.
  • Security – Hospice care ensures that care and support is available whenever a patient needs it. This is an important benefit of hospice care. When a patient and their loved ones know that medical support is available at all times it gives them a sense of security.

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